7 Reasons to Invest in a Strong CEO Online Profile

By Isabella Lo

What’s the advantage of Steve Jobs to Apple and Richard Branson to Virgin?


There is a clear spill-over from a CEO’s personal brand to the company and its products. You don’t need to (and can’t) be Steve Jobs or Richard Branson. Yet, by strengthening your online profile, you can add great value to your company.

How your online profile benefits you and your company

How your online profile benefits you and your company

Here are seven reasons why you should invest in your personal online profile as leader:

1. A Strong CEO Online Profile Increases Brand Awareness

Generating relevant and useful content online will motivate your target audience to like, retweet, share and favorite. You are building a team of advocates who spread your message and thus create awareness about you.

2. A Strong CEO Online Profile Lends Credibility To Your Sales Team

Despite the advancement of technology, trust is still a vital element in most transactions. The openness and transparency of your online profile is confidence-inducing. Standing behind your company and product 24/7 globally signals your strong commitment and endorsement. When meeting clients, your sales team is the extension of your company that draws on the charm of your brand.

3. A Strong CEO Online Profile Amplifies Your Company’s Marketing Effect

Your online profile can improve your product search rankings while a product marketing campaign can fuel your social media dialogue. Your online profile can help build a mutually reinforcing eco-system that multiplies the marketing spends.

4. A Strong CEO Online Profile Attracts The Right-fit Talents

The best talents will work with true leaders that they identify with – values, purpose and mindset. Your online profile is the best way to show the world what you care about and how you interact with your stakeholders. For those that are not a good fit, they will self-select out.

5. A Strong CEO Online Profile Helps Shape Company Culture

Show it. Don’t tell it. Your daily drips and drops of small updates reveal your values, which translates the business school jargonized mission statement into understandable sound bites. Such a lead by example unites departments and geographical locations into a strong company culture.

6. A Strong CEO Online Profile Establishes You As Industry Leader

Publishing high quality content will keep you top-of-mind for others while being alert and reflective for yourself. By being up-to-date, well-informed and informing on top of being result-generating, you can raise the bar for the whole industry.

7. A Strong CEO Online Profile Adds Power To Your People 

No matter that your online profile is going to impact just your own company, the whole industry or the society at large, it’s a sign of energy and attention beyond bottom-line racing. CEOs with distinct width, breadth, and depth energise and inspire their employees.

These advantages won’t come overnight and they will require that you apply a proactive mindset. But, if you ever want your organisation to reap the benefit of a strong brand and stay ahead of the digital game, why aim for less?


What else do you think a strong CEO online profile can add value to your company? Please write in the comment.

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