How to become a thought leader?

19 May 2017
by adminbmb

All CEOs have to strive for the bottom line. Yet it’s how they transform their companies, industries and society that determine their thought leadership.

Is there a magic formula to becoming a thought leader?

Thought Leader

Thought Leader with Purpose as Core

Unfortunately not.  The path to thought leadership is as different as the individual CEO. You can see how different Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Travis Kalanick, Lars Kolind, and Tony Hsieh are. But here are some prerequisites before you embark on the journey.


You need to:

  • Have a company purpose that looks beyond the bottom line.
  • Aim for building something that lasts. Something larger than you or your company.
  • Live out your values through your company’s purpose; in other words, the two have to be aligned.
  • Be visible and vocal about that purpose – what will the world look like when you succeed in making that purpose happen?
  • Be patient but focus – with a strong belief supporting you.
  • Let go of a win-lose mentality. Instead of worrying about your competitors, share your expertise openly so you’re the Chief Learning Executive in the driving seat.

Online Presence as Tools

Years ago, you relied on the PR bureau and marketing department to get you some spotlights in the conventional media. Today, with the internet and social media, you can be your own media. So there is no excuse to not share on your company’s blog or any other social platforms. The 24/7 online opportunity you have today enables you to meet your audience, test your idea and build up traction.


Thought leadership doesn’t need to be a lone journey. Instead of fearful of being ambushed, a true leader is strong enough to be vulnerable in an open landscape.

Interact and listen to your tribe. They will help you refine your idea and sharpen your thought.

So what kind of thought leader are you? Call +45 26 16 90 88 for an assessment.



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