Isabella Lo

Isabella Lo

After a ten-year, self-imposed exile from the workforce to raise her children, Isabella Lo got back to the job market after much struggle – despite she was well qualified and motivated. So she asked, “What about those that are less educated and less resourceful?” With this in mind, she created in 2009 BeMyBest 1.0 with the intention of getting those with a triple handicap (immigrant + woman + mother) to join the work force while embracing their originality – without having to change who they are to fit in.

What started as a self-redemption project has evolved into something totally unexpected.

BeMyBest 1.0 failed. Then Isabella Lo moved on to take care of the web shop Gadget4Apple. This opened her eyes to the whole industry of online marketing. The energy being put into marketing a smartphone cover amazed her. Then she asked, “If the same energy being invested in marketing a person, such as her competence, experience, knowledge, and ambition, how would that impact our society and economy?”

The answer is BeMyBest 2.0 – Professional Online Presence you deserve, so you can have great impact to the world around you.

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